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About us...

As a family
MCA Company Dooel Skopje since 2008 builds dreams and a healthy future.

We know that sport is developing with the most modern sports fields that contain all world standards.
Over time, the fields with artificial turf slowly but surely occupy the site of the fields with natural grass.

As a MCA Company our motto is:
To provide you with high quality terrains with the most favorable conditions. Meanwhile, paying attention to human health and environmental safety
We give you a guarantee of our products that are made with FIFA, FIBA, IAAF and ITF standards. We design, install and build sports fields for football, tennis, basketball, handball, many purpose, golf, athletic paths with artificial turf systems FIFA 1 Star and FIFA 2 Star.

Also a system of acrylic, tartan and rubber substrates. Many sports fields throughout Macedonia and the whole Balkans have been successfully constructed using modern technology with well-trained professional teams. The basic principle is to provide the highest quality facilities in the shortest time.

We are aware that the joy and smile of a childlike character can not be replaced by the material. Children, who are the greatest wealth of the world, play a game that develop their intelligence. Therefore, the work we offer requires great responsibility and we are fully aware of its importance. With a sense of superior quality, the principles of MSA Company are sincerity and professional approach to new ideas with fantasy, dynamics in accordance with the standards, to be 100% confident of customer satisfaction ...
With respect..